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Whole home humidifier for as low as $12 per month 2 for 1 furnace and a/c tune-up $1500 trade-in value for new A/C and Furnaces Free second opinion

24-Hour Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning

Premier Heating and AC Services at your Doorstep in Minutes

At Iceberg’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer repair and installation services for any home heating or cooling equipment. With premium brands at low cost to you for installation, repair and maintenance, we help keep your home at the optimum temperature year-round. Plus, we are always on time or you don’t pay a dime, proving that our number one priority is customer service.

We offer all these home heating and cooling services, and more, with the principal goal being your ultimate comfort. With our indoor air quality assessment, for example, we can determine how safe and healthy your current heating and AC systems truly are, and whether you might benefit from air duct cleaning, humidifiers, air purification systems, or other helpful services.

Request our free report “The Four Barriers Preventing Americans from Turning Their Homes into Safe Havens,” and contact us today for reliable, prompt heating and air conditioning system services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

For more than a decade, our Monroe MI air conditioning and heating company has been meeting the needs of our clients through education and unmatched customer service. With Iceberg’s, you always get a 5-year, 100% Satisfaction and Exclusive Comfort guarantee.

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